Why VIP Nails Eliminate Acrylic Nails?

Why VIP Nails Eliminate Acrylic Nails?

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VIP Nails is a chemical odor free salon because of the elimination of acrylic nails (MMA) while concentrating on our winning product—pink and white gel nails.

According to BeautyTech, MMA is not recommended for use in acrylic nail products because of the following reasons:

  • Methyl methacrylate (MMA) has a distinctive strong odor.
  • MMA for acrylic is much less expensive than the safer alternative.
  • MMA in acrylic nail products is usually too hard, and can tear the nail off the finger easily.
  • MMA does not soak off easily or in a reasonable length of time, causing undue exposure to acetone while soaking.
  • FDA determined that any manufacturer who used MMA in nail products was using a ‘poisonous and deleterious substance and should not be used in liquid acrylic monomer for nail products.
  • The NMC (Nail Manufacturers Council) and the ABA (American Beauty Council) have also “taken the position that MMA should not be used in nail products”.
  • The CIR (Cosmetic Review Board) has tested the more commonly used EMA liquid and found it “safe enough to be used by the consumer” but recommend it to be used by trained professionals.

At VIP Nails, believes in providing the highest quality products along with the best techniques to obtain a stunning set of gel nails while keeping your natural nails healthy.

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