VIP Signature SpaPedicure

Have you ever heard of the term "Facial for your foot"? Yes, our Signature SpaPedicure is truly a gift for your beloved and yourself.

Seasons might come and go, but these SpaPedicure are good for all year round. The Marine SpaPedicure is exclusive for hot days, CND Raw Earth is best during cold winter, and the Milk & Honey with Pomegranate SpaPedicure are excellent to get anytime of the year.

Come and experience the best Pedicure you’ve ever gotten because we know you will not regret it!


Spa Pedicure – $46


  • – Raw Earth (by CND)
    raw earth-c
    60 minutes

    This pedicure filled with natural ingredients. Begin with a soothing and deodorizing foot soak, followed by raw sugar warming scrub to gently exfoliate skin. A protective volcanic clay Masque and the Hydrating Lotion held a rich blend of vitamins and minerals that shield the skin for a satin finish.

  • – Marine (by CND)
    60 minutes

    This ocean-inspired mineral foot bath deodorizes and reduces inflammation. As walking along the shore, the Marine Salt Scrub naturally exfoliates feet. A Hydrating foot mask with sea extracts, mineral clay, and soothing botanicals soften and exhilarate skin. Seal in the moisture with a Cooling Gel or Marine Hydrating Oil.

  • – Pomegranate (by Cuccio)
    60 minutes

    This pedicure is rich in natural antioxidant properties; Cuiccio Signature Scentual Soak provides moisture, Vitamin C and helps refresh your skin. Pomegranate Sea Salts gently exfoliate to reveal softer, smoother skin. Pomegranate & Fig Butter Blend allows for slow, intense hydration throughout the day.

  • – Milk and Honey (by Cuccio)
    milk and honey-c
    60 minutes

    The Milk & Honey soak contains a honey extract nutrient that will help to de-stress, soothes, and revitalize your feet. The Sea Salts are infused with essential oils that will leave your skin feeling soft with a healthy glowing effect. The finishing touch is a Milk & Honey Butter Blend that hydrates for silky smooth skin.

  • – Tuscan Citrus & Herb (by Cuccio)
    60 minutes

    Rejuvenating Vitamin C adds clarity, brightness, & firmness to your skin’s complexion. Moisture-balancing Vitamin E helps equalize & replenish your skin. Great fragrant will help you De-Stress and Re-energizing.