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Who says ragged nails and rough cuticles make a man masculine? Maintain a neat, clean set of nails actually make a man look sophisticated and put together. There’s no point in wearing an executive’s suit if your hands scream lumberjack. At VIP Nails, we only trim your cuticles and buff your nails for a healthy shine. No clear polish is applied unless customers specifically say so.

Take your partner or father and surprise them with a manicure or a pedicure today!


  • Hand Care for Men (20 minutes  – $15)
    Men Nails
    – Service includes nails trimming & shaping, cuticle care, and professional hand massage with unscented therapeutic grade oil and lotion..


  • Foot Care for Men
    gentlemen foot hygiene-c
    – Regular Foot Care (30 minutes – $26) – Trimming, shaping, cuticle care, callus treatment, and professional foot massage with unscented therapeutic grade oil and lotion.

    – Callus Treatment (40 minutes – $36) – Intensive heel therapy using CND Sea Scrub that contains natural alpha-hydroxy-acid (extract in marine micro-algae) for dual exfoliation on tough calluses and roughest feet, combine with ‘Award Winning’ Cucumber Foot Cream to aid in the repair of dry and cracked skin.


  • Waxing
    – Check Services page for details and prices


We are now serving wine, champagne, and mimosa as a complement for any service (Only at Chapel Hill Location).

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