Sanitization and Disinfection at VIP Nails

Sanitization and Disinfection at VIP Nails



Have you ever wondered how your nail tech at your salon treats their tools before and after using them on clients? At VIP Nails, we take sanitization and disinfection seriously for the safeness of our customers. Not just we are the only nails salon eliminates acrylic nails, we also want to become a salon where you can always trust; in both of the quality of our services and the safeness of our environment.

How VIP Nails sanitize and disinfect our tools for manicure and pedicure services

Upon preparing for the service when customers arrive, we started to soak all the tools in a Mehaz Professional Disinfectant Tray with Barbicide® Concentrate (EPA-registered hospital disinfectant) solution. This Barbicide Concentrate kills the leftover pathogens on the tool, making it safe to use on clients. We also spray these tools with clean water before using to make sure we don’t get the solution on your skin.

barbicide disinfection tools


After finished with the service, all tools are required to sanitize with soap water and store in a clean container.

sanitizing tools


Each Nail Technician has to have at least 2 or 3 set of clean tools that are stored in this container.

clean tools


Custom-made shelf for disposable, single-use items include: files, buffers, and pumice pads.

disposable items


Make sure you check out the article below to find out why we eliminated acrylic nails and how we made VIP Nails a chemical odor free salon.

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